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Limited Liability Company

A limited liability company (LLC) lets you take advantage of the sole proprietorship, corporation, and partnership business structures. LLCs are flexible business structures. Your LLC separates business and personal liabilities. All owners have shared tax responsibilities.

C- Corporation

This type of legal entity offers its owners limited liability C-corps are taxed separately from its owners and the tax liability is according to their net profit, they are based on a progressive rate schedule. It has more flexibility in terms of the number of ownership since it can have unlimited numbers of shareholders. Dividends paid to the owners of the corporation are taxed on their personal return, however most dividends are taxed as a long term capital gain which is a lower rate. C-Corps owners are allowed to deduct fringe benefits as a business expense.


This type of legal entity is structured as a C-corporation but it has some restrictions and differences from it. Shareholders have to apply for the election of S-Corporation status to The Internal Revenue Service. Election to do business as an S corporation allows the shareholder have unlimited liability while being taxed as a partnership. This means that an S corporation will not have pay federal corporate tax, it is a pass-through tax entity in which all the net profit or loss is reported in the shareholders personal returns according to their share on the corporation; that way income could be offset by any other loss. However, failure to make the election according to the parameters stated by the IRS could result on the entity being taxed as a C-corporation.


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What Clients Say About Us

"I've been doing my taxes for 3 years with this company and I can honestly say he's the best in town. Professional,honest, family guy. I would recommend this place to everyone. He will never bs you or tell you to claim something you don't have (which a lot of places do that to, Btw I've never paid $300 for my taxes. "
“I have been doing my taxes here for three years and the service has been remarkable. I will continue doing my taxes here and therefore I recommend this place."
"Straight to the point - Great services from Mr. Matta. He provides information of law changes and such- he always looks out for you to get the most out of your refund - yes charges are a big high but it is worth it. I have been doing taxes with other people from which my refund was very low and I paid less than 100 bucks - however when I went to him, I actually got school of many things we are able to declare and he broke down the payment and refund so I could be more clear from it. I have been filling taxes with him for the past 4 years and I will continue be his client. It is worth the time, the trip and the payment; I and some people I have recommended him can agree he is great at what he does. Thank you very much!"
“Did my taxes for years on turbo tax, and when I went here, despite paying for services ($400ish for all fees/services charges/etc), I did not have to pay it up front as it was taken from the tax return, and most importantly, my return was over TWICE the amount I had been getting for years through Turbotax (MORE than paid itself off). I also have the security that a professional that has been doing this for YEARS and is registered directly with the IRS (he explained this all patiently and thoroughly upon my questioning) - so no funny business. My fiance and I both go through him for our second year now, and I recommend him to everyone I meet. I always get my tax refund easily through direct deposit from it, and it always lines up correctly too.."
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